Sudbury letter: Trudeau Liberals living in a post-Cold War, End of History fantasy world

I should no longer be surprised, but was dumbfounded at what I heard coming out of the Liberal policy convention this week (without mentioning the NDP…)

This is a government that has run roughshod over the property rights of the people of Canada, flagrantly abused the pandemic crisis to crush a century and a half of democratic norms, shamelessly given pandemic supports to those who don’t need it in a thinly-veiled effort to buy votes and in spite of enjoying the privileges of the kind of “basic dictatorship” Trudeau admires, has utterly failed to control the pandemic in any meaningful way.


And now they have the audacity to suggest they are going to further indebt us with an unprecedented increase in social spending?

This love affair between Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and Mark Carney is going to damage this nation on an unimaginable scale if it is consummated. This country does not need to further indebt itself to hand out goodies to the populace; it needs to tighten the purse strings and reorient itself towards a very unstable, very dangerous world.

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We have left the fantasy of the post-Cold War, End of History that Trudeau and his groupies still cling to and are entering a world faced with an overwhelmingly powerful and hostile geopolitical rival in China, and an American ally that is looking increasingly unreliable in maintaining the historic assumption of Canadian defence and security policy: that if Canada were ever in any way threatened, we could count on overwhelming, automatic American support.

This is not the time to be trying to realize the utopian dreams of a drama teacher, a journalist and a banker, it is a time to keep our powder dry and keep strong fiscal discipline to be prepared for future crises and to keep some financial ammunition in reserve in the event of runaway inflation or another global financial crisis. Both seem increasingly to be less questions of if, but when.

For such an obviously incompetent, irresponsible, unaccountable and corrupt administration to have the gall to ask Canadians to allow themselves to be further in unnecessary debt to validate this glee club’s infantile fantasies of a social justice utopia is unacceptable to the point of being borderline criminal.

I can’t wait for the next election; I just hope my fellow Canadians wake up to the situation we are heading into under this government before it is too late.

Charles Humphrey

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