LETTERS: Trump no help to resolving conflict with China; Trip was no vacation

Letters to the Editor

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Trump no help to resolve conflict with China

Canada’s ex-ambassador to China, John McCallum, recently made the news again.

He’s a long-time loyal Liberal and I always thought of him as being a fine and most qualified politician, a statesman and a fine diplomat.

Unfortunately, he was forced to resign as ambassador over some inappropriate comments he made about the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver this past January (a sorry episode indeed).

Since then, the Chinese government still continues to detain two Canadians has has since taken other hostile actions towards Canada.

How long will this continue? No one knows.

I always believed John McCallum was the right man to be ambassador to China.

He had a good start-up with the Chinese government right from the beginning and has set the diplomatic wheels in motion about the two Canadian detainees.

Despite of what he has said (he should have received a firm talk on this from our PM), I think Canada’s government should have kept him on this job for some time yet.

He would, I believe, have by now accomplished more. If not gotten the two detainees freed then at least better jail treatment and personal encouragement and especially hope from his prison visits.

In the meantime, asking the U.S. president to help?

I don’t know.

This man (I don’t want to use his name) has limited statesmanship, and political and diplomatic know-how. And why would he go out on a limb for Canada, especially now after our Prime minister spoke about against the president over the racism of the four U.S. congress women.

I believe what would bring better results towards the release of the two Canadians and getting our foreign trade working again is for the Trudeau Government to ask the USA to let Canada set Meng Wanzhou free.

What also would eventually bring good results is our prime minister along with the foreign and trade ministers going to China as often as possible to speak with the Chinese president and stop in to say hello whenever they are somewhere in the Chinese neighbourhood.

That’s the old style diplomatic way of getting things done.

Karl Habla,



Trip was no vacation

Our round trip to Phoenix with Air Canada was a nightmare. Cancelled on Monday, delayed 12 hours on Tuesday.

We had to rebook our car rental and motel rooms twice.

No apology on Air Canada’s part.

We were delayed at U.S. Customs because Air Canada double-tagged our baggage.

Now, the return trip: Flew to L.A., delayed two hours to Toronto. We had to hunt down a wheelchair attendant for my wife at Pearson.

We ran to make our connecting flight to Timmins with minutes to spare.

Rebooked on a flight five hours later because baggage still was in customs.

We boarded our small, well-worn plane only to find out the air conditioner above our heads didn’t work. Flew to Timmins, sweltering all the way.

At U.S. airports, attendants chase to serve you.

In Canada, you chase them.

Air Canada claims travellers’ safety and comfort is their No. 1 priority.

Yeah right!

And meal vouchers don’t cut it. We need competition.

We’re driving to Buffalo next time to catch our flight there.

The planes there are Cadillacs compared to Air Canada’s crammed seats and no leg room.

R. Gravel,