Emergency services team up to locate missing kayaker

52-year-old Porcupine woman treated for dehydration

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Local emergency services successfully collaborated in an effort to locate a missing kayaker in the Grassy River area Tuesday evening.

The Timmins Police Service, responded in collaboration with the Timmins Fire Department, the Mountjoy Volunteer Fire Hall and Timmins EMS personnel.

In response to a call for service regarding a lost person received at 4 p.m. Tuesday, the Timmins Fire Department launched its rescue vessel off of Dalton Road onto the Grassy River.

These efforts were bolstered by a comprehensive ground search headed by Timmins Police Service personnel involving the use of all-terrain vehicles in an effort to locate a 52-year-old female kayaker who had become separated from her party and was reported lost.

The search encompassed a nine-kilometre stretch of the Grassy River and adjoining trail systems.

The responding police and fire personnel were eventually able to locate the missing kayaker thanks mostly to the fact she had a whistle with her and could respond to searchers calling out for her.


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At one point, a Timmins Police officer climbed down a 150-foot embankment and made his way along a swampy area to attend to the located person in distress.

The Timmins Police officer brought the lost person out of the immediate area covering a distance of nearly 1.5-kilometres to have her medical condition assessed by EMS paramedics on scene at a determined rallying point.

The 52-year-old woman from Porcupine was treated for dehydration and other exposure-related issues and released.

“This incident ended well due to the collaborative efforts of all emergency services involved and the deployment of significant work force personnel and resources,” TPS stated in a release.

“This occurrence serves as a solid reminder that persons should only venture out into the wilderness if they are properly acquainted with the area and sufficiently equipped and prepared.

“The importance of planning for the unforeseen or the unexpected is a responsibility that lies on the shoulders of those persons who are choosing to indulge in these types of activities. Any individual who is planning on such activity must ensure that they have sufficient and necessary supplies to afford them at least one unintended night’s stay in the bush, should the unexpected occur.

“Proper clothing, equipment for shelter or warmth and adequate sustenance are required gear for any outdoor enthusiasts venturing outward in Northern Ontario.”